Cloud Based for Scalability, Reliability and Security

All Sensitive Operations Performed Offline

Monitoring and database backup to ensure 24/7 block production 

Commited to Low Fees and the Health of the Cardano Network

Rabbitholepools is committed to keeping your funds and the Network safe. Private keys will never see the light of the net and all transactions will always be signed offline. 


Secure your cryptographic keys:

Our nodes are constantly monitored. Remote interfaces give visual confirmation of correct operation and syncing. Alerts are in place for the most critical metrics.


We're always on-call here!


Our Block Producer is backed up for security and continued service.

Fees will start and stay at 1%, striving to provide the best returns for your investment. Together, we can contribute to more widespread adoption of Cardano and push toward a decentralised future.


Learn more about delegating your Ada:


Read this page by the Cardano Foundation

Rabbitholepools originated in Australia and is entirely cloud-based, to ensure scalability and continued service.


Global relays: 


North America (San Jose)

Europe (London)

South-East Asia (Singapore)


Block Producer:


Oceania (Sydney)


Our setup aims to maximise efficient block propagation across the network and we endeavour to build on our infrastructure as Cardano grows. 

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